Here’s another episode of OCB, in which we see Bear’s girlfriend Natalie Imbruglia for the first time.

Night Sweats are No Sweat

Amy threw up in her mouth a little bit when she drew the cat kissing the lady. Click to embiggen!


A weird, wide world.

Ever since I watched the Doctor Who episode Blink I’ve been daydreaming about statues instead of my usual spaceships. So, in the spirit of the good Doctor, here’s another comic we made up.

It’s the last page of Fantastic Dream #2, with a secret guest appearance by Bear from OCB!


It’s an episode of the Old Cat Brothers.


Click to embiggen!

SF Zine Fest 2007

Amy and I had a heckuva good time at ZineFest this year, with our table naturally paid for by my wealthy Uncle Martin. Highlights of the fest included the awesome Twilight of the Sea Cow by Josh Frankel, hanging out with our pals the Two Fine Chaps, and eating burritos with the awesome gang that is Femeninete, come to the ZineFest all the way down from Bellingham, WA (in Regular Washington, not Washington, D.C., as our pal Thien put it).

Okay. That’s enough link-dropping for now. Internet, it’s great to be here!